Published On: Thu, Apr 4th, 2019

Brexit news: Brexiteer MP reveals Theresa May’s Brexit ‘ruse’ to FORCE deal through | UK | News

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is holding talks with Labour Party leader after she reached out to Jeremy Corbyn after a mammoth 7-hour Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The move from the Prime Minister frustrated many Conservative MPs with some members of the Tory party’s eurosceptic European Research Group calling for her to step down. Speaking on ’s Politics Live, Tory Brexiteer Daniel Kawczynski suggested the Prime Minister could be using the talks as a strategy to get support from ERG members who voted against her deal in the previous vote.

The supporting MP said: “The point of talking to Mr Corbyn I very much hope the Prime Minister’s strategy in that is to make the recalcitrant ERG member realise what the dangers are ahead for the Brexit process.”

BBC presenter Andrew Neil stepped in asking whether the decision by the Prime Minister was a “ruse”.

He said: “So it is just a ruse. You’re suggesting it is a tactic.

“I am not sure Downing Street would agree with this but you are suggesting this is not just a proper offer.

“This is an offer to try and get your colleagues in the ERG to wake up and smell the coffee.”

Mr Kawczynski replied: “Well I very much hope that is an end result of these discussions.

“I think the optimum deal for us to do is the withdrawal agreement with Tory votes.”

The BBC host fired back asking whether Mr Kawczynski’s ERG colleagues were “slow learners”.

The Tory MP replied: “I voted against it for the first two times but now my association, all my councillors, the local Shropshire NFU, all of them are telling me to get behind the deal, this is the best way we can pull out of the European Union.

“If you continue to obstruct this, you will endanger Brexit.”

After Wednesday’s meeting with Mrs May, Mr Corbyn said he raised the issue of a public vote with Mrs May, but only outlining Labour’s policy, rather than setting any red lines on a potential deal.

“I said this is the policy of our party, that we would want to pursue the option of a public vote to prevent crashing out or to prevent leaving with a bad deal,” he said.

Labour chairman Ian Lavery reportedly warned shadow cabinet colleagues on Wednesday that backing a referendum could split the party.

On Wednesday MPs also voted to seek a delay to Brexit rather than risk the UK crashing out of the bloc on April 12, which was passed by 313 votes to 312.

Tory Mark Francois, the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, reacted to the Bill’s passing with anger, calling it a “constitutional outrage”.

The Bill will now be debated in the House of Lords on Thursday and will need its approval to become law, but it is the EU which who will decide whether to grant an extension.

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