Published On: Sat, Oct 24th, 2020

Brexit: Merkel to ‘sacrifice’ French fishermen for German profits ‘every man for himself’ | Politics | News

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also exposed the problems chief negotiator faces in trying to represent 27 member states, admitting: “You cannot please everyone”. outlined his views during a passionate speech in the European Parliament on Wednesday, during which he suggested a no-deal outcome would be “much worse for the EU than the UK”.

Specifically, he appealed for an agreement that guaranteed ongoing access to UK waters for French fishermen.

Speaking to subsequently he stressed: “The problem of fishing is absolutely fundamental.

“It is a priority for France as well as for the United Kingdom.”

Referring to the chamber of the European Parliament, he added: “When I am in the hemicycle, I speak as a French deputy, elected to defend the interests of France.

“As such, my speech is necessarily partisan, and it is especially so since I am also elected to the Regional Council of Normandy.

“However, Norman fishermen critically need access to British waters; the opposite is also true for certain products such as scallops.”

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“And it is indeed by negotiating, so that everyone can best defend their needs, that we can reach a compromise that is beneficial for all.”

He added: “This is why the attitude of Germany, which has limited fishing interests, is shocking.

“Berlin seems ready to sacrifice French fishing in the name of an agreement that will maximise German profits in other sectors such as the automotive industry!

“That’s the whole downside of these kinds of negotiations, which we have to do between ourselves first, the 27.

“You can put the national interest first, but we cannot please everyone.”

Access to British waters after Brexit is a key sticking point.

With talks set to continue throughout the weekend, hopes are rising about the prospects of an agreement being struck between the UK and the EU.

Sources have suggested the French President is relaxing his stance over fishing rights for French ships after Brexit. understands he has prepared France’s fishing industry to accept a reduction in quotas from UK waters – although such a compromise is unlikely to impress Mr Bay.

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