Published On: Thu, Mar 28th, 2019

BREXIT CHAOS: Leadsom – MPs to vote on withdrawal agreement ONLY… but what does it mean? | Politics | News

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Commons Speaker John Bercow said he accepted the Government’s bid to hold its vote on its Brexit del on Friday as itmwill cover only the withdrawal agreement element of the country’s European Union exit package. He added the motion is new, substantially different and conforms to his ruling. Mr Bercow said: “I’m pleased to report that the Government’s motion for tomorrow’s debate complies with the tests set out, that motions that are the same or substantially the same must not be put before the House more than once in a Parliamentary session.

“The previous meaningful vote encompassed both the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration – this motion covers the former but not the latter.

“I’m glad the principle of the House determining a motion definitively once and for all in each session has been accepted and upheld and that that principle cannot be circumvented by the assertion of a notwithstanding clause or a paving motion.

“In short, the motion is new, substantially different and in conformity with the requirements of my ruling of March 18, reiterated on March 25 and 27.”

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