Published On: Thu, Aug 8th, 2019

Avengers Endgame PLOT HOLE? Hulk could have solved a lot of problems | Films | Entertainment

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During Avengers Endgame’s first act, Tony Stark works out how the survivors can time travel through the Quantum Realm and retrieve the Infinity Stones. At Avengers HQ Professor Hulk performs a test on Ant-Man who he accidentally ages to an old man back de-ageing him back to a baby. Now Reddit user ak2sup has pointed out that Hulk actually created an immortality machine that could have solved a lot of problems. They wrote: “Just realised it, while Hulk was doing [the] time travel test on Scott, he accidentally turned Scott into an old, teen and a baby.”

Speaking with Comic Book at San Diego Comic Con, the screenwriters revealed they wrote a “terrible” Avengers pizza party.

Stephen McFeely said: “We had one where they all come back to the exact same [place], to the compound, like [Snap], boom, there they are.

You hear, ‘Mr. Stark?’ And there’s Peter coming around the corner. Then we cut five minutes, and they’re all eating pizza. It was terrible.”

Christopher Markus added: “Because there is no hard, fast, real-world factuality about [the Snap], we have to make up hard, fast rules in order for this thing to make sense.”


Markus continued: “One of which is that everybody came back to the point where they disappeared.

“So then they had to get back to our battlefield, which gave us a window of time where things still had to happen.”

Avengers Endgame is still in cinemas and is released on digital download on August 19 and Blu-ray and DVD on September 2.

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