Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

Aries August horoscope: Astrology reading for the month ahead – Aries star sign horoscopes

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Sharing the Aries August horoscope, Russell said: “Keep your thoughts to yourself at the start of August as tempers could be running high. “It’s better to maintain a diplomatic silence than challenge an easily irritated authority figure.

Aries personality traits

Aries have many positive personality traits and the main ones are being known for their passion and independence.

The formulation of the star sign is a ram and is associated with the story of the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology.

The star sign is associated with being loyal, smart and impulsive.

Aries always have a project on their mind and will not be satisfied until their work, social life and personal lives line up exactly with the dream life they envision.

Aries career horoscope

Aries has many different attributes which helps them when it comes to their working life.

They are known to be independent which can be helpful when it comes to their job as they like to put their head down and work on a project without any interruptions.

This trait matched with being passionate allows Aries to grow and in 2020 this will create a huge financial gain for this star sign.

However this star sign has to be careful as they have a reputation of being impulsive in their decisions which can set them back.

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