Published On: Sat, Aug 10th, 2019

After MMDA’s faulty policy, netizens suggest ‘solutions’ to Metro Manila traffic

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Following the crisis faced by commuters, we took the question online: How then should MMDA solve Metro Manila’s traffic problem?

Published 8:28 PM, August 10, 2019

Updated 8:28 PM, August 10, 2019

MANILA, Philippines – What the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) initially thought was a solution to ease traffic congestion, the Filipino commuters have experienced otherwise.

On Wednesday, August 7, MMDA’s yellow lane policy, which allowed buses to use only the two outermost lanes in EDSA has gained traction online as the policy only resulted in traffic gridlocks, affecting mostly city buses. (READ: Class divide: Filipinos slam MMDA for ‘anti-poor’ EDSA policy)

Pointing out this policy implemented by MMDA was merely a ‘trial and error’, netizen Diomedes Racelis cited the need for a scientific data that would serve as a basis in enforcing policies and use of computer models to determine optimum traffic schemes.

Facebook user Benj Ligot also insisted that those whose expertise were anchored on the scientific approach for traffic management should be offered the job.

Limit private cars

MMDA also wanted to implement the controversial provincial bus ban to which netizens previously considered “anti-poor and anti-commuter.” In fact, the dry run of the said ban along EDSA, which pushed through despite a Quezon City court’s preliminary injunction also added to the commuters’ struggle.

Netizens also emphasized that the problem was not on the number of buses but the volume of private cars.

“Bakit di nila subukan ang ‘Odd/Even scheme’ sa private cars only sa Edsa? (Why not try the odd/ even scheme for private cars in EDSA)” said Facebook user Jimmy Nueca.

Banning private cars in EDSA on a designated time, cleaning up alternate routes or side streets so private cars can use it instead were among the suggestions made by other netizens. This is to give way for buses to take more lanes especially during rush hour.

Proper implementation

Another Facebook user also pointed out that “enforcement of proper loading & unloading area should be observed by educating the people and the traffic engineers as well.”

Moreover, netizen Cocoi Base also noted other suggestions that could solve the traffic woes in Metro Manila such as the implementation of rapid bus transit systems.

“We can just add more trains so each MRT and LRT station can just have a 2-5-minute intervals between rides to avoid long queue and crowded stations; we can also explore on utilizing our waterways for alternative transportation – as some basic achievable part of the solution,” Base stressed.

He also mentioned that for a long-term solution, it would also be a good idea to “consult urban planners and designers in making our cities more livable – from decongesting, rethinking of zoning, to pedestrian-friendly planning, etc.”

Here are other suggestions from netizens:


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