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Adolf Hitler secrets: How US forces ‘BLEW OPEN’ safe in Nazi headquaters – SHOCK outcome | World | News

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During World War Two, the Nazi Party, under control of Adolf Hitler, ordered for the creation of the Schutzstaffel (SS) as the foremost agency of security, surveillance, and terror for Nazi Germany. Hitler then appointed Heinrich Himmler as the Reichsfuhrer, or leader, of SS and his right-hand man in the prosecution of the Jews during the Holocaust. Himmler, who became one of the most powerful men of the Nazi Party, ordered for the creation of an SS headquarters – to lead the Aryan cult – to be located in a Renaissance castle located in the village of Wewelsburg.

In the middle of the 1930s, Himmler had a private safe mounted in the basement of the west tower to store the Nazi’s deepest secrets.

Only the commandant of the castle knew about it and it is said to have contained only details Himmler discussed with Hitler himself.

It was revealed during Amazon Prime’s “Unsolved Mysteries of World War Two” how Mr Himmler attempted to destroy the castle and its contents when he knew the Red Army was closing in.

The 2004 series detailed: “To Heinrich Himmler, Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of the Soviet Union on June 1941 – promised the fulfilment of all his dreams.

“In reality, the war in the East would spell the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany and of Himmler’s terrifying vision. 

“By April 1945, Himmler’s Castle was a blackened shell, destroyed on Himmler’s own orders. 

“At once, it was plundered by local villagers in search of valuables.”

The programme went on to detail how US forces uncovered the safe, but its contents have never come to light.

It continued: “The castle did contain one final secret, though.

“In the deepest cellar of the west tower, was Himmler’s personal safe, not even the castle’s SS Commandants had known of its existence. 

“Several days after the castle was entered by the Allies an American special unit blew open the safe and removed its contents.

“The men and the contents then disappeared from history.”

The belongings most likely ended up in the hands of the soldiers that liberated the castle and taken home and a souvenir of the war.

However, Himmler was also known to be fascinated with prophecy and magical powers. 

Desperately wanting to set up a facility to teach these values to SS soldiers, Himmler began working to turn Wewelsburg into a non-military training facility focused on the occult, pagan rituals and making Wewelsburg the centre of the world.

Himmler viewed Wewelsburg as the “Holy Grail” Castle and believed that when the Nazis were the rulers of the entire world.

Some believe the safe may have contained secret Nazi spells used for baptism and death rituals run by Himmler.

Although it is unclear exactly what took place at Wewelsburg, the Allies discovered the former cistern in the castle had been turned in a crypt used for rituals and a round table with 12 chairs was also uncovered.

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