[VIDEO] Detroit Police Chief Slams Maxine Waters and Calls on Rashida Tlaib to Resign

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We all knew the left would take the recent shooting in Minnesota and over-politicize it, but it’s now reached a level of mass proportions.

Right on the heels of Maxine Waters encouraging civil unrest following the upcoming decision in the George Floyd case, Rashida Tlaib absolutely shredded police, encouraging defunding and abolishing incarcerations following the shooting in MN.


Well her controversial comments on the police have many in her city of Detroit railing against her, including Detroit Police Chief James Craig who has been slamming Tlaib non-stop for her divisive and destructive statements on police.

Check out this CNN interview where Craig absolutely shredded Tlaib:

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Craig actually stated that he wished Tlaib would resign as her rhetoric is in no way helping the troubled city of Detroit, which definitely needs more, not less of a police presence.

From Deadline Detroit

“Let her go,” Craig said of Tlaib, serving a second term in the House. “Who is she speaking for, Charlie? Let me just say this. When you talk about abolishing police, incarceration, … safe cities. What do you think the residents in Detroit want? I know. I speak with them.”

“Is she truly representing the people, or is she representing a fringe group? She does not speak for black and brown people in our city.”

Craig on Sunday again called her comments “reckless” and expressed concern about her sitting in Congress. “If I made comments on par with her, they’d be calling for my resignation.”

After her tweet, Tlaib’s chief of staff qualified that Tlaib doesn’t feel that more investment in police, incarceration and criminalization will deliver greater safety in communities. He said more should be invested in education, jobs and combating poverty.

Craig said: “I’m all for social service programs. I support that. But not on the backs of our men and women who serve.”


Rashida Tlaib is just one of many in Congress who serioulsy just need to keep their yap shut when it comes to police.

Especially when you’re overseeing a city like Detroit, which is constantly overrun with violence and illegal activities.

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