Joy Behar Claims Any ‘Right-Minded Person’ Can See Assault Rifles Should Be Banned

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On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Joy Behar reacted to the mass shooting in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado the day before by saying that assault rifles should be banned in the United States.

Behar Politicizes Colorado Shooting 

“Well, in my opinion, the main thing that they should do is ban assault rifles, the AR-15 type of rifles that are responsible for Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado, San Bernardino, Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Las Vegas, I could go on and on, Parkland, Waffle House, Tree of Life Synagogue, et cetera,” she said. “All of those massacres were conducted with one of those AR-15 types of rifles.”

“In 2004, George W. Bush lifted the ban on those rifles, and since then, the number of massacres has increased 183%. During the ban, there were 12 incidents,” she added. “Since he lifted the ban, there were 34 incidents.”

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“Anybody, a right-minded person, can see that that gun has to go,” Behar continued. “Of course, we have to have background checks. You don’t want any idiot just getting a gun or some mental case. You want people who are — have a background check. It doesn’t make anybody feel safe to have those guns out there.”

“I appreciate if you live, like Meghan says, in an area where you need to protect yourself with a handgun,” Behar added. “There is absolutely no use for this weapon of war to be out there. I mean, people in the world are laughing at us. They think we’re crazy in this country, which we are.”

Hostin Chimes In

Her cohost Sunny Hostin felt the same way, going so far as to say that “selfish people that insist on owning” assault rifles are not patriots.

“I don’t think we can any longer equate freedom with the unfettered right to own assault rifles,” Hostin said. “That is not freedom because I feel like a hostage right now. I feel like a hostage to the selfish people that insist on owning these types of weapons.”

“That is not freedom in this country. You are not a patriot because you think you have the right to own these types of weapons. You are not a patriot,” she added. “You should be taking care of your fellow Americans. So where do we go from here? It is time to start talking right now about gun control.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on March 24, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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