How to encounter and protect elephants in Thailand

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Understandably, animal experiences are high on many travellers wish lists but there are often questions raised about the welfare of the animals involved . . . and rightly so.

Visit elephants ethically

Is it ever right to exploit animals for tourism gains? Isn’t that what zoos have been doing for years? I think as long as it’s done correctly, the animals are properly cared for, protected and above all, it is an educational experience for the visitor, then they can be justified. However, for me, they have to hit those three points.

Visiting elephants in Thailand responsibly

I came across this great blog about elephant encounters from top travel blogger, Nomadic Matt.

There are many great projects out there and ways to enjoy the company of animals. In this blog, Matt explores Chaing Mai’s Elephant Nature Park.

Read the full blog and watch the video here: Elephant Conservation in Thailand

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