Anthony Mackie Says We’ll See Falcon and Winter Soldier REDEEM Themselves (Exclusive)


Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan chat with ET’s Nischelle Turner about ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ premiering March 19 on Disney+. Mackie says we’ll see their characters ‘redeem themselves’ for their past ‘failures’ in the MCU, and Stan reflects on the 10th anniversary of his Marvel debut as Bucky Barnes. The 38-year-old actor says ‘it’s a blessing they’re still willing to call me.’ Mackie opens up about how the series will explore Sam Wilson’s complex feelings about picking up Steve Rogers’ shield. He says ‘If you look at just the overall scope of the history of not even just being a Black man [but] a Black person in America, the idea of being a Captain America holds a certain weight.’


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