Magical Trinidad and Tobabgo

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If you are thinking about visiting the Caribbean and in particular Trinidad and Tobago, I highly recommend checking this post out, especially if you’re a fan of beaches, waterfalls, temples and lakes that look like they belong on the moon!

The post comes from Paulina and her travel blog Paulina on the Road. It starts off with a neat introduction to the country with helpful information about language and even electricity supply. And then, as promised, two for one. There is a post that introduces you to some of the stunning waterfalls, beaches and bays that can be found on the island and a second all about some amazing Hindu temples and pitch lake, one of the largest deposits of natural asphalt in the world. As weird as that sounds, it actually looks rather stunning, kind of otherworldly.

Read more about Discovering the most magical places on Trinidad and Tobago on Paulina’s blog.

North of Trinidad

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