[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Shamed AOC With Stunning Video of Her Filthy District

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Gee, for a party that claims to love our planet, they sure do know to trash it like no one else.

Even the left’s precious face masks are becoming an environmental nightmare.

Oceanassia.org reports that an estimated our oceans will be flooded with an estimated 1.56 billion face masks in 2020.

The report was released by the Hong-Kong-based marine conservation organization “OceansAsia.”

The “mask crisis” will result in an additional 4,680 to 6,240 metric tonnes of marine plastic pollution. And I guess we can double that since they now want us to wear two at a time.

But this lack of care from the left for the environment shouldn’t shock anyone – after all, every time there’s a large left-wing protest anywhere there are always piles of trash just left on the streets.


This brings us to AOC’s district…

Scott Presler is a petty well-known Trump supporter. He’s the guy who goes into liberal-run cities and cleans them up by removing tons and tons of trash with the help of conservative volunteers.

Scott was in New York City working on making our elections safer when he spotted a lot of filth and garbage in AOC’s district. So, he got out his camera and rolled tape, and sent a message to AOC, offering to come and clean up the district for the so-called “environmentally-conscious” New York rep…

Talk about a good “shaming.” Well deserved.

Check it out:

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And apparently, he never received a call. Scott updated his tweet a day later.


But don’t worry – users on Twitter certainly aren’t letting AOC off the hook and had some stern words for the clueless Dem:

If she accepts it would be a win-win and should be seen that way.

Yes Scott! I drive these highways every day to work and literally scream out loud at the tons of garbage

She should be available since she isn’t doing staged photo ops at the border anymore

Sad that AOC does not take pride in her own district

Looks like the border of a third world

If you care about the environment stop traveling 5 or 6 times a month by air for photo ops and go clean up your own city

AOC has gotta be one of the most self-absorbed whackos’s in the Democrat party.

And that’s saying a lot…

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