You Won’t Believe What’s Happening in Joe’s DC “Militarized Zone” Now (Photos)

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What we’re seeing in DC with the “Hunger Games” militarized-zone is not only disheartening, it’s also scary to see.


There’s nothing that will make an American look sideways and raise an eyebrow faster than seeing a US city occupied like it’s a village in Afghanistan.

Thanks to an election that millions of Americans believe was ripe with fraud, and a Dem Party who is rolling back the United States to 2009-levels, along with watching the military zone in DC, a whole host of Americans have never felt more uncomfortable.

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And nobody really knows why they’re even there…we keep hearing about all of these “phantom threats,” but nothing materializes. It’s all very strange and seems very staged.

But if you thought the DDC military zone was creepy before, I’ve got a picture that will up the ante and really give you shivers.

It appears a big new homeless camp has popped up smack-dab next to the military fences. Now, just outside the razorwire fencing, a bunch of homeless people are doing drugs out in the open. Awesome. That’s exactly what the military zone was missing…drugs and despair.

DC now looks like “Hunger Games in LA.”

Daily Caller journalist David Hookstead just arrived in DC and discovered the drug-riddled homeless camp and snapped some pics.


Here’s what David said:

Just arrived at the U.S. Capitol. Military lockdown is still upon us. Massive trucks everywhere, military members patrolling and razor sharp wire to keep people far away.

Right across the street 15 feet away is a massive homeless camp with people doing drugs out in the open. Our tax dollars at work. Citizens kept away from the Capitol using military force as homeless people overrun the neighborhoods doing drugs.

Everything the Dems touch turns to absolute garbage.

As the Dem Party inches closer and closer to full-blown communism, the cities they run and occupy are looking more and more like old Mother Russia, complete with fences, razorwire, gigantic military trucks, and poverty-stricken people living in tents.

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By the way, where are these people going to the bathroom? I shudder to think.

So much for COVID restrictions, right? But the government doesn’t want you hugging your parents.

America is lost.

Where is the joy, patriotism, and the American spirit? It’s nowhere to be found. They’ve sucked the life and love out of this country.


I’ll tell you this much – we can all complain about China for being rotten to the core – and they are – but the real threat to America is right here in front of our faces.

If we can’t find a way to defeat the Democrat Party, this country is done.

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