When Calls the Heart Ladies on Romances and EMOTIONAL Season 8 Finale | Full Interview


Eva Bourne, Andrea Brooks, Natasha Burnett, Johannah Newmarch and Kayla Wallace join ET’s Deidre Behar for a lively panel discussion about season 8 of ‘When Calls the Heart.’ Eva Bourne opens up about Clara and Jesse’s newlywed struggles and if they’re planning to have a baby. Andrea Brooks gets candid about Faith’s relationship with Carson, and how they’re balancing romance with their work as doctors. Andrea also reflects on Paul Greene’s character serenading her character during a memorable scene by the pond in the season 8 premiere — and reveals if viewers will see more music! Natasha Burnett, who is new to ‘WCTH’ this season, opens up about playing Minnie Canfield and what fans can expect when they meet her in episode 4. Natasha, a UK native, also shares how she switches from her British accent to her Canadian accent while filming the show. Johannah Newmarch shares an update on Molly’s bubbling romance with Bill and also teases a major FloMo moment that she says cannot be missed. Kayla Wallace reflects on her role as Fiona, who is breaking barriers and redefining what it means to be a woman during the early 20th century. As for sparks flying between Fiona and Hickam, Kayla offers a playful tease. The ladies also weigh in on whether they’re team Nathan or team Lucas and share their reactions to the season 8 finale. The panel concludes with a rapid-fire game in honor of Women’s Empowerment Month, where the ladies share the women they most admire and the character they’d most like to spend a day playing. ‘When Calls the Heart’ airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.


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