[VIDEO] MTG Reveals Major Reason GOP Keeps Losing — And No, It’s Not “Weakness”  

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Marjorie Taylor Greene could be the most revolutionary member of our government since Donald Trump.

Honestly, this woman really “gets it.”

She is literally fighting with every ounce of energy she has to bring real change to Washington D.C….and that doesn’t mean just fighting the Dems. She’s taking on the GOP RINOs as well.


During this amazing interview with Dinesh D’Souza, Marjorie lays down exactly why the GOP just keeps losing fight after fight — and it’s not what you might think

You’re probably thinking…” yeah, it’s because they’re weak and scared of the left…” or something like that.

But no…Marjorie has another theory based on what she’s witnessed since being in Congress just a short while.


Majorie explains that the GOP is content just doing the bare minimum when it comes to their duties in our government.

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They’d rather sit back and just collect their paychecks than stick their neck out for the American people.

The GOP is complacent fat-cats who are too lazy to get off their duffs and fight.

But Marjorie is fighting back against this big time and she is already putting in place amazing changes that’ll start to shift the government back to the people.

Watch the video:


She is a fighter I’ll tell ya!

Her move to have these roll call votes may seem small to some, but they really do make a huge impact.

And the GOP is furious about it just like the Dems are. Again…LAZINESS. They don’t want to get off their duffs and walk to the House floor and vote.

Why not? It shows the Dems were fighting and that we’re engaged.

But Republicans don’t want to do it.

And guess who’s the angriest about it?

Dan Crenshaw 🙄

Marjorie spoke about roll calls and GOP laziness with Dinesh, and how her roll call vote helped defeat Rep. Cori Bush’s amendment that would allow convicted felons to vote.

The Insider

“America does not love all its people,” Rep. Cori Bush, a progressive Democrat from Missouri, argued on the floor of the House, saying that more than 5 million Americans are prevented from taking part in an election because they are currently incarcerated.

On Tuesday, Bush and Rep. Mondaire Jones, a New York Democrat, offered an amendment to sweeping voting rights legislation, HR 1. The legislation, as written, would already restore that right for those with felony convictions, but not for those who are now behind bars — one in six of whom are Black.

“This cannot continue,” Bush said. “Disenfranchising our own citizens is not justice.”

The amendment failed. No Republican supported the amendment, and most Democrats opposed it too, leading it to be put down by a vote of 97 to 328.


This has been said many times, but we desperately need more people like Marjorie Taylor Greene in D.C.

The more politicians we have that are actually putting in the work and challenging the status quo, the better.

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