One of the Most Beautiful Churches in the World

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Never heard of Ipiales? Don’t worry, you’re probably in the majority. This small city in Columbia, close to the Ecuadorian border, is hiding one of the worlds most stunning churches. Seriously – take a look at the pics and you’ll agree.

This post is from Ana on her blog Expatish. IT tells you all about the church along with some pictures that will have this place of your bucket list before you reach the bottom of the page. I’ll let Ana introduce it:

“I was born in Pasto, Nariño, a small city in Colombia. I recently went back to visit and wanted to write about everything the city has to offer. Mainly because, most people do not even know this small city exists. Colombia has slowly been increasing in popularity for tourists, which is a no brainer to me, since the country has so much to offer.

“This Basilica in particular is stunning both in structure and story. The church stands perilously over a river in between two cliffs. And it has quite an interesting legend that lead to its declaration as Basilica by the vatican in 1994.”

Ready to check out this off the beaten path gem now?

Visit the Santuario De Las Lajas, Ipiales, Colombia


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