Several Top Experts Float Chilling New Theory in Tiger Woods Car Crash

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The Tiger Woods car accident is horrific and devastating.


It could have been so much worse, but the golfing legend did suffer catastrophic injuries.

But what went wrong?

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We know it wasn’t weather-related, and we know Tiger didn’t have any substances in his system that would have hindered his diving.

It was a winding road, but evidence at the crash scene doesn’t indicate that he had “lost control” of his car before the crash.

So what happened? How did Tiger end up in this horrific situation?

Well, experts have a chilling new theory, and some “evidence” to back it up.


From Daily Wire 

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods may have been distracted or fallen asleep at the wheel of the luxury SUV he was driving, according to a new report that cites forensic car accident experts, USA Today reported.

Woods, 45, was driving along a windy and steep stretch of road in southern California on Feb. 23 when he crossed the median and two lanes of oncoming traffic before striking a tree and rolling the vehicle over at least once, coming to rest 400 feet away in a ravine.

“To me, this is like a classic case of falling asleep behind the wheel, because the road curves and his vehicle goes straight,” Jonathan Cherney, a consultant who serves as an expert witness in court cases, told the newspaper. Other experts concurred.

“The same experts also say the evidence does not indicate he lost control of his vehicle because of excessive speed on a curved downhill road that is known for speeding cars. They arrived at this theory based on several factors, especially the way Woods’ vehicle appeared to keep going straight ahead instead of staying on the road as it curved right,” USA Today wrote.

It just seems very odd to me that Tiger would be THAT TIRED in the middle of the day that he would doze off at the wheel.


Of course, it could happen, I’m just saying that it seems less likely to happen in the middle of the day from someone who doesn’t work a “graveyard shift.” Of course, Tiger could be spreading himself very thin. I obviously don’t know his daily routine.

The piece goes on to quote expert Jonathan Cherney, who  said, “It’s a drift off the road, almost like he was either unconscious, suffering from a medical episode or fell asleep and didn’t wake up until he was off the road and that’s where the brake application came in.”

There were no skid marks on the road, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. But the 2021 Genesis GV80 Woods was driving had anti-lock brakes, and Felix Lee, an accident reconstruction expert, said with those types of brakes, “you wouldn’t necessarily see tire marks.”

“My feeling is that speed wasn’t that much of an issue,” Lee said. “It was just some kind of inattention that caused the curb strike.”

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Another expert, Rami Hashish, principal at the National Biomechanics Institute that analyzes the cause of accidents, said an analysis of the crash “was suggesting he wasn’t paying attention at all.”

The big question is – would Tiger even remember what happened at the moment of such a devestating crash? Probably not.

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