Triggered Liberals Meltdown on Social Media Over Trump’s Epic CPAC Speech

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Trump just delivered one of the most blistering speeches of his life at CPAC.

You can tell he had some pent up energy from roughly a month off of social media, cause he absolutely shredded every single liberal out there and made a point of declaring what a farce the 2020 presidential election really was.


The crowd absolutely loved it, chanting “We love you” and erupting in applause when he hinted at running again in 2024.

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But, of course, the people who aren’t loving it so much is the left.

They quickly rushed social media to have a meltdown of mass proportions over Trump’s speech, which was absolutely hilarious to see!

In his CPAC speech, Trump even repeated the Big Lie that led to a violent insurrection: “They just lost the White House. I may even decide to beat them for a third time.” He’ll seize power any way he can if he’s on the ballot in 2024, even if he loses again. Think about that.

Don’t watch CPAC. Especially Trum* – even to dunk on it later, please let him/them fade into obscurity.

I wonder how many people in the crowd at CPAC will be a part of the next attack on America.

Agree fully. We’re at the precipice of a civil war

Sure – and the Capitol Hill riots were just “light-hearted fun”.

True to form, Donald Trump blames everyone but himself for his misery. What a loser!

No wonder CPAC has been turned into a yearly pilgrimage to worship at the altar of Trump.
They been schlapping all the way to the bank.


And there are many more meltdowns where that came from.

Whether they’d like to admit it or not, I believe that liberals will get more from that speech than conservatives.

And it’s simply because their hatred for Trump is literally the only thing they have left that’s driving motivation in their party.

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