[VIDEO] Podcaster “Thomas Paine” Says It’s Time For Trump to Release the Kraken on the Criminals

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It’s becoming clearer and clearer every day that the Republican Party is heading towards complete oblivion.

Conservatives have been frustrated with the party for many years, but their latest actions, especially in the 2020 election have propelled many to consider forming a new party altogether.


But podcaster Thomas Paine has a brilliant idea that’ll completely destroy the GOP.

Paine is calling on Trump to do as much as he can to drain the swamp and expose crooked Republicans by exposing everything before he leaves office.

Watch the video:

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Paine does indeed have some harsh words for Trump, but he definitely makes a solid point in his desire to burn down the GOP in order to start anew.

And there’s plenty of conservatives who share this view:

start with Biden!!! there is enough on the Biden klan

Best thing I heard all day…

Look what DS has done to President Trump & Americans for 4 years. Biden said, will be DARK WINTER. Hilary told Biden not to Concede. You told us President Trump, The best is yet to come. God Bless America, President Trump and Patriots. I am going to walk by Faith, not sight.

They want to strip Trump of any power he has left, so he doesn’t d-class everything.

The sooner the better.


Even if Trump doesn’t declassify anything, the people will know the truth in time.

The destruction of the GOP seems to be imminent.

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