Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2019

Prince Harry horoscope: ‘Stop focusing on Meghan Markle’s negatives’ – shock warning

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been besotted with one another since they were first introduced in 2016 by a mutual friend. Within two years the couple were married and one year later they welcomed their first child Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor into the world. Recently, the couple has had a run of bad luck, being subject to backlash from the public after a series of scandals about the couple have surfaced.

Earlier this year, Meghan and Harry were subject to negative attention after the royal finances were published.

These figures revealed the couple had spent £2.4million of the taxpayer’s money on renovating their home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

The Sussex couple faced backlash once again when they decided to keep their son’s christening completely private, instead of publishing two official photographs after the event, which many saw as hypocritical given the expenditure on their home.

The most recent scandal that the couple have faced, has been regarding their use of a private jet on four occasions over 11 days.

Many people saw this as hypocritical, given each of them promotes environmentalism and measures to tackle climate change.

The couple has undergone hardships lately, but how it appears that they could be suffering in their relationship too.

Prince Harry, born on September 15, is a Virgo, could be facing struggles with his Leo wife Meghan, according to a shock horoscope reading.

The strengths of Virgo’s are typically thought to be loyalty, analytical skills, kindness, strong work ethic and practicality.

Whereas, their weakness includes shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others and all work and no play.

Virgo is an Earth sign which sits perfectly between Taurus, which is the astrological sign for baby Archie, and Capricorn, which is Kate Middleton’s sign.

This results in a strong character as well as one which is more conservative, well-organised and highly practical in their everyday life.

These individuals are highly organised life, and even when they stray into the chaotic, their goals remain with strictly defined borders in their mind.

Virgo’s constantly worry they have missed a detail that will be impossible to fix and can get stuck in the details, becoming overly critical and concerned about matters that nobody else seems to care much about.

Astrologer Russell Grant warns that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could face hardships this month as Harry will be focused on her shortcomings.

The horoscope for Virgo today reveals: “You’re not giving your business or romantic partner enough credit. Instead of focusing on their shortcomings, celebrate their strengths.

“Spend a few minutes each day making a list of all their positive aspects.

“By changing your thoughts from negative to positive, your relationship will thrive.

“This is not a good time to sign a contract.

“There will be hidden clauses to this agreement that work against you.

“The harder someone pushes you to sign this deal, the stronger you should resist it.”

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