Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2019

Meghan Markle news: Piers Morgan attacked on Twitter after shock Meghan Markle claim | Royal | News

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Piers’ latest attack on the royal came following a post from the Sussex Royal Instagram page. The picture featured a quote from the Dalai Lama about compassion in today’s world.

It read: “I believe that at every level of society – familial, tribal, national and international – the key to a happier and most successful world is the growth of compassion.”

The caption said the post was a “quote for the week ahead”.

Although many seemed delighted by the post, with one user replying: “Thank you for this quote,” Piers was not as approving.

Appearing on his slot as presenter for Good Morning yesterday, the former Mirror editor called-out the Duchess for not practicing what she preaches.

He said: “I am all for Meghan learning about compassion, honestly I really am.

“She can start with the family she’s disowned, the father’s she’s disowned, all the friends she’s dumped over the years.

“That would be compassionate wouldn’t it? Pick the phone up, check if we’re all okay.

“This is my problem with them, there they are lecturing away about compassion – what about starting it at home?

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Outraged viewers took to Twitter to channel their despair and anger towards Piers.

One user wrote: “Get a life Piers, as you are really a sick person.”

Another drew attention to an apparent gush of stardom Piers has recently endured, which may have led to his feeling more confident than usual in criticising others, writing: “Piers Morgan has hit full on ego mode. Going on about his interview with Ronaldo and attacking Meghan Markle because she rightly disowned her family that sell stories and insult her constantly. Piers taking a moral high ground.”

Another said: “What a petty male you are Piers Morgan to think that Meghan Markle owes you any attention. Get a life and stop your foolish hatefulness.”

Despite the overwhelming majority of the anger was vented towards Piers, some sided with the veteran journalist, saying that Meghan had become something of a lecturer since gaining a platform.

One Twitter user wrote: “It might be spelt Meghan Markle but its PRONOUNCED HYPERCRITICAL ATTENTION SEEKING AMERICAN 3rdRATE BIT ACTRESs.”

The spat follows news that the Duke and Duchess considered asking the Buddhist leader to fulfil a role in their wedding.

The Duke and Duchess eventually went for the fiery American bishop Michael Curry.

Although, when discussing who to choose with Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Mr Welby is said to have recommended Meghan pick Bishop Curry after she had expressed interest in the Dalai Lama.

The Archbishop ruled out the Buddhist leader because he isn’t a Christian, the Daily Mail reported.

However, Alexander Norma, author of The Dalai Lama: An Extraordinary Life, told the paper that the Dalai Lama would have accepted the invitation to conduct the service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

He said: “The Tibetans like high-profile events.”

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