Published On: Tue, Oct 8th, 2019

Kate Middleton: William and Duchess don’t have a ’right’ to the throne claims royal expert | Royal | News

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Kate will become Queen when Prince William becomes King after the throne is given to Prince Charles but an expert has warned the Cambridges must “justify being there”. Ms Nicholl explained the royal pair will have to represent the people. She added the Queen doesn’t take the position for granted at all.

Speaking on Kate: The Making Of A Modern Queen, Ms Nicholl said: “I think the royal family is in a very unique position in that you know the Queen is on the throne because it was her God-given right.

“But I think that is now seen as quite an antiquated concept.

“I think certainly if we’re looking into the future towards King Willian and Queen Catherine, it’s not going to be seen as a God-given right.

“They’re going to need to justify being there.

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“They are going to need to be a King and Queen of the people.

“Figurehead representatives for the UK and hard-working members of the Royal Family.

“One has to respect the Queen hugely for that because I don’t think she takes her position for granted at all.

“The image that is being cultivated of William and Kate now is going to be very important several years down the line because all of this will reflect our opinion of them.”

Judi explained: “One possible reason why the Cambridges rarely perform PDAs or touch rituals at royal events is probably because they don’t need to.

“Their closely mirrored body language has always implied like-minded thinking and an ability to tune into one another, keeping their movements closely synchronised while they’re on royal visits and functions.”

Judi claims this sort of interaction between the couple is, in fact, rather unusual.

“It’s a blend of anticipation and non-verbal tie-signs that seems to work for them and their style of non-verbal bonding and equal-status, twinned behaviour is pretty unique for an heir to the throne and their partner,” she said.

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