Published On: Sun, Dec 1st, 2019

ITV debate: Exasperated Nigel Farage left with his head in his hands after TV spat | UK | News

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Tonight on the ITV debate, James Leaver in the audience asked the candidates: “I work in the manufacturing industry and I’ve listened very carefully to all of your spending plans. Now what I want to know is, who is going to be paying for all of these pledges? And who ultimately will be the worse off.” Each candidate had the opportunity to give an answer but as Chief Secretary of the Treasury, Rishi Sunak, who stood in for Boris Johnson answered, Mr Farage could be shaking his head in exasperation.

Responding to the question, Mr Farage began: “Well, James you work in manufacturing and if there is a green jobs revolution as they all call it you will lose your job in manufacturing and perhaps we will come back to that later on the programme.

“I do agree with the point about the regions being left behind.

“Many parts of the UK feel they have been ignored for decades, taken for granted and the argument for better infrastructure.

“The argument for broadband, even mobile phone connectivity, in parts of this country is absolutely overwhelming, the question is how do we pay for it?”

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He continued: “Well, Labour are clearly going to pay with vast amounts of money, the Conservatives are gonna borrow some.

“We suggested cutting things like HS2 which cost billions to benefit just a few thousand, you could help more with a hundred billion pounds.”

Nicola Sturgeon and Jo Swinson went on to give their answers too.

But it was when Mr Sunak responded, Mr Farage was left exasperated and could be seen trying to interject.

“We now know from the IFS and everyone else that Labour’s plans mean tax rises for millions of married couples, for millions of pensioners and for millions of small businesses.

“It’s not for rich people and companies that will just pay the higher tax, it will be everyone.”

It was then Mr Farage was seen with his head in his hands before giving his own take.

“Can we please stop this?” he begged. “We had it with Labour governments and now we’ve got it with Conservative governments just lying to everybody you are not cutting the debt, you are cutting the deficit.

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