Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2019

General election: Corbyn humiliated as he tells crowd to cheer for him during speech | UK | News

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The Labour leader said to voters the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell had gibbon a “brilliant” speech earlier on Thursday. But the crowd stayed silent as he said Mr McDonnell had been in Liverpool. Mr Corbyn in an outburst then told them they are “supposed to cheer”.

Speaking at the event, Mr Corbyn said: “John McDonnell set this out this morning in a brilliant speech in Liverpool.

“Yes in Liverpool he made a brilliant speech.

“You’re supposed to cheer because it’s Liverpool.”

After the crowd cheered, the Labour leader thanked them.

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The awkward moment comes as Labour general election candidate Jane Aitchison squirmed during an excruciating BBC Radio 5 Live interview this afternoon.

Jane Aitchison was silent when asked by 5 Live host Emma Barnett whether fellow Labour candidate Zarah Sultana should be allowed to run after shocking comments on Twitter emerged.

Ms Sultana had said she would “celebrate the death” of former Labour leader Tony Blair, as well as former Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and former US president George Bush.

Ms Barnett said: “There’s a Labour candidate called Zarah Sultana who has had to apologise for saying she would celebrate the deaths of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu. Should she be allowed to stand?”

“But I don’t think what she’s saying there is necessarily worse than looking down on the people of Grenfell who died in a fire.”

Ms Barnett interjected: “Sorry but we’re in a situation of top trumps, what’s worse talking about people in a tower who should have got out versus celebrating the deaths of two former prime ministers.

“Is that really what you’re saying?”

Ms Aitchison responded: “Well it’s not good, is it?”

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