Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2019

Election news: Britons FURIOUS at Corbyn’s OAP tax policies | Politics | News

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At the weekend, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell revealed pensioners on £20,000 a year may be forced to pay an extra £1,000 in tax under a Labour Government. The proposal to hit the pocket of Britain’s older generation, has since been condemned by hundreds of users of social media, with one branding the plan “disgraceful” and another urging the party to “shove them where the sun don’t shine”. After news of the proposal was shared on the Facebook page, several users hit out at the direction Jeremy Corbyn was now taking the party.

A number of users claimed it is now “not the Labour party I once voted for” and insisted it was not just pensioners at risk of tax increases.

One furious user said: “I’m 68 still working nights and pay tax on every penny I earn – so no comrade Corbyn take your tax hikes and shove them where the sun don’t shine.”

A second angry user commented: “Disgraceful, haven’t the pensioners paid enough over the years.

“There was a time when the Labour Party looked after the working class. Not anymore, it’s the working class and elderly as well as the rich that’s going to pay for labour’s promises.”

A third user said: “If Labour get in, they will rob everyone. The party leaders will be the only ones left with anything, as always happens with a communist regime.”

Meanwhile a fourth said: “They are not the Labour party I once voted for.”

At the weekend Mr McDonnell was grilled on Labour’s spending plans on the BBC’s Moneybox programme and challenged on the effect a hike in dividend tax would have on pensioners.

BBC Money Box presenter Paul Lewis told Mr McDonnell: “You have other tax changes that will affect people on much lower income, don’t you?

“Dividend tax, for example, is going to be raised from quite a low rates up to the same rates as income tax.”

He added: “Don’t you think it’s sad pensioners on £20,000 to pay an extra £1,000?”

The Shadow Chancellor insisted raising the contribution from investments would help to create a “fairer system” and said those earning over a million would pay the most.

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The survey, carried out from 5pm on November 30 to 3pm December 1, asked 10.008 readers: “Are Labour correct to tax pensioners earning £20,000 a year an extra £1,000?”

A huge 85 percent (8,456) of respondents vote no.

Just 11 percent (1,128) of people voted yes.

Meanwhile four percent (424) of participants were unsure and voted don’t know.

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